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What is Success?

To many people success is a white-collar job (which also implies a fat bank account), a flashy car and a three piece suit. That is what the world has told us to believe. But is that what true success really is?

The biggest fallacy is that success has been equated to money and vice-versa. It’s a tragedy! True Success consists in more things than money and material things. Ben Carson makes the point that successful people are not driven by the desire to make money. Successful people are driven by the desire to help others.
In the same line of thought, Barrack Obama agrees by saying that; “to live only for the buck shows a certain lack of ambition”. Obama puts across the idea that we should live for something larger than ourselves.

When people are dying, they do not wish that they had more money in their bank accounts. They regret that they were caught in the web of empty pursuit. They regret that they didn’t do the things they truly loved; they regret that they didn’t follow after the passions of their heart.

I must not be misquoted to have said that money is not important. The point here is that you should not trade all the important things of life just for money; things like relationships and your health, for example.

The Dalai Lama is amazed that people spend all their health in pursuit of wealth and then they spend all their wealth in order to gain back their health.

Take a moment to smell the flowers and to feel the wind. When you come to think of it, it is in little things that the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

In the end, the only truly successful people will be those who spared a moment to touch a soul, to dry a tear-to change a life.

If you must know-the happiest people in the world are not the richest. Money can buy a lot of things but it can not buy you happiness. Happiness is an inside job. It’s a choice you make-you choose to be happy.

Being first in line?

Another thing the world has made us believe is that success is about being first in line.As long as someone else is doing better than you, you are a failure. That’s what the world is teaching you!
If you get an (A) and someone else gets an (A+) the world wants you to feel like a failure. Our parents and our teachers have failed in this department. They have made us believe that success has everything to do with the other person.

True success can not be measured by comparing yourself with others .An honorable person is driven by the desire to do better than he did yesterday, not by the desire to do better than the other person.
REMEMBER: the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. T rue success is a continuous journey of self refinement. What your neighbor has is not a yardstick to your success.

Go on and be successful. You are destined for greatness!

11 Principles of Good Success

1. Seek first the kingdom of God and ALL these things shall be added unto you.

  • If God can provide for the birds of the air and clothe the grass of the field how much more will he care for you who are of more value?
  • God knows the things that you need.

2. Whatever you sow that you will reap.

  • For every effect, there is a specific cause.
  • The seed you sow today determines the harvest you will have tomorrow.

3. Begin to think what you want to become.

  • Thoughts are things-what you think about you bring out.
  • As a man thinketh, so is he.

4. Believe-have faith.

  • Without faith it is impossible to do anything.
  • Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are right most of the time!

5. Whatever you do, do your best.

  • Do the best you can. But don’t be a perfectionist because perfectionism is the enemy of success.
  • If you do your best, the rest doesn’t matter.

6. Rejoice, be happy.

  • Celebrate small victories.
  • REMEMBER: happiness is an inside job. You choose to be happy.

7. Persist, persist, persist!

  • 90% of the people quit 90% of the way!
  • If you fail to persist you will persist to fail!

8. Give.

  • He who waters shall himself be watered.
  • Give without expecting anything in return.

9.Be the change you want to see.

  • If everyone was just like you, what kind of world would we have?
  • Give the world what you expect of the world.

10. Learn to forgive.

  • It is divine.
  • He who cannot forgive does not deserve any forgiveness.

11. Get up and go!

  • A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the arms and poverty comes in!
  • Well done is better than well said.

Go on and be the success story you were meant to be!

I Don’t Know What Impossible Is

“I tell people I’m too stupid to know what’s impossible. I have ridiculously large dreams, and half the time they come true.”- Debi Thomas

The Three Stages of Human Development; Dependence, Independence and Inter-dependence

Psychologists have long established that a person must go through three stages of development in order to reach full maturation; Dependence, Independence and Interdependence.


Dependence is a state in which every person is born. This is a state where a person depends on others for their every need. A dependent person believes that the world owes them everything they need.

Dependence is a good thing for a season. It is good for babies. For grown ups dependence is a sad thing. In fact, it is a cancer!

The trouble with a dependent person is that they never take responsibility for anything. They always find someone or something to blame for why their life is a mess; if it’s not the government, then it’s that guy at work. “The reason I am not doing well is because my dad doesn’t love me enough”. That may sound like a good excuse, but that is all it is-an excuse.

If you are looking for excuses, you will never fail to find them. They are everywhere. “The weather is bad, my boss is an idiot, and nobody likes me here, if only I could go to another country…” That is the thinking and talking of a dependent person.
Dependent people always find reasons to justify their unproductive behaviors. “I am throwing litter around because there is no rubbish bin around here.”

Every person should seek to move away from an area of dependence and begin to advance into the sphere of independence.

“Sometimes you just got to give yourself what you wish someone else would give you.”- Dr Phil


Independence is the second stage of maturation. This is a stage in a person’s life when they begin to take responsibility for their life. The stage of independence begins with a realization that each person is responsible for their life and the choices they make.

Unlike the dependent person, the independent mind does not play the blame game. An independent person does not look for excuses, he looks for solutions. They don’t see impossibilities, they believe in possibilities.

An independent person realizes that the world owes them nothing except what they offer to the world. They realize that the world only gives what they ask for.

Independence is a fantastic stage. However, it is not the ultimate. The final stage of development is inter-dependence.

“In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”-Charles Darwin


The independent person believes in his ability to make things happen. The inter-dependent mind realizes that by networking, a lot more can be achieved. “I can do it alone, but we can do it so much better together”.

Inter-dependence is the level where every person should operate. Believe first in your own ability, and then benefit from networking.
Unless a person can learn to work with others, to live with others and to learn from others he can not walk the paths of success. Life in its very nature is inter-dependent.

7 Lessons of Life that Everyone MUST Learn

It has been said that life does not require that we be perfect. It requires that we learn. There are 7 lessons that each one of us must learn and travel with in this journey of life.Life Lessons These are not the only lessons life may require us to learn, but they are definitely on top of the list.

1. The lesson of Love

Self love is more important than the love of others. Before you expect the love of another, you must love yourself.

2. The lesson of Happiness

It must never get into your head that happiness has to do with what you have. No amount of money can buy you happiness. If you want to be happy you must choose to be happy, regardless of what does happen or doesn’t happen. It’s as simple as that. Happiness is a decision you make.

3. The lesson of Forgiveness

In this life, things do go wrong-and they will go wrong! The most important thing is to learn to forgive those who step on your toes. Now, if you have noticed, most people who step on you won’t notice it. It is your duty to tell someone if they are hurting you.

Sometimes, you will screw up. Learn to say “I am sorry”. You must also learn to forgive yourself.

4. The lesson of Patience

You must learn to be patient with yourself, and with others. Patience is a virtue.

5. The lesson of Fear

We all know that FEAR is simply False Evidence that Appears Real. Before you can conquer the world, you must conquer your fears. The way to conquer your fears is to face them.

6. The lesson of loss

Life is a series of partings. The old must go in order to make way for the new. There are things you need to let go in order to create a life that you envision. The habits of yesterday will only take you where they took you before. Let go of bad habits and bad relationships. Let go of anything and everything that drags you down.

Sometimes, however, loss will be of a different kind; the loss of a loved one. If it hurts (and it usually does) go ahead and cry. Let it out. We don’t have to understand why the people we love should leave us. We only have to understand that God’s perfect will is at play in our lives. Maybe now is the time to tell them what they mean to us before they are taken away.

7. The lesson of Authenticity

There are too many carbon copies in the world. In order to find your place in the world you must find yourself first. Quit trying to be like him, or like her. Trying to be like someone else is a total waste of time. The world is waiting for the manifestation of the real you. Remember that your first duty is to be true to yourself.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

Deep inside all of us, we know there is someone we were meant to be and we know when we are becoming that person. The opposite is also true; we know when something doesn’t feel quite right and we are not the person we were meant to be.

Life is a journey. Let us continue to learn as we travel.

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