The Pareto Principle (80-20 Rule)

Vilfredo Pareto

Vilfredo Pareto

The principle states that 20 % of causes are always responsible for 80 percent of the effects. It has been observed, for example, that 20% of your activities account for 80% of your results. Similarly, 20% of your customers account for 80% of your sales. 20% of your tasks account for 80% of your results…

Because not everything you do is important the 80/20 rule can be used to help you focus on high value tasks.

Out of everything you do in a day 20% will be more important than the other 80%.

It is possible to be busy on low value (80%) tasks at the expense of high value (20%) tasks. When this happens you end up all tired but ultimately achieving nothing of note. You seem to be ‘pushing’ but nothing is coming forth. In this case, your efforts are being misdirected. In the end you get frustrated because ‘things are not working’.

Make it a point NEVER to do a task in the 80% bracket (trivial many) when you still have tasks to be done in the 20% bracket (vital view). Always ask yourself whether what you are doing is among the vital few or the trivial many.

What determines whether something is a high value task or not is what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long-term. Some things have no bearing on your goals whether you do them or not. Others just have to be done in order for you to achieve your goals. Those are the tasks you must spend most of your time and energy on.

Stop wasting valuable time on low value activities. Focus instead on key-result areas!


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Isaac C. Mwiya is an author, motivational speaker and trainer. He believes that each and every person was put on this earth for a purpose. His goal is to help both the old and the young to find their purpose in life and express it fully everyday. He wishes for every person to realize their true potential and become all that they were meant to. To bring Isaac to your next event call +260 978 638 389. You can also connect with him on and follow him on Twitter

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