My Livingstone Adventure

Isaac at the Victoria Falls

Isaac at the Victoria Falls

You may have noticed that there was only a single post on this blog in the months of June and July. That’s because I was ‘out of office’. I took some time off to go down to Livingstone. It is always an adventure. If you are thinking of going on holiday Livingstone might just be the perfect destination for you.

Naturally, the family was happy to see me. And so was I. It was quite a re-union-after almost a year.

with mom, dad and Limpo

with mom, dad and Limpo

Jay, Isaac,  Dominic and Limpo

with my brothers Jay and Dominic and my little nephew, Limpo

Then there was Limpo-my three year old nephew. Such a brilliant boy! Would you believe, I spent more time with him than with anyone else! How sad he must have felt after I left!

Isaac, Ruth, Jay and Dominic

with my sister Ruth and my brothers Dominic and Jay

and Dominic

and Dominic

When I left Lusaka the idea was “to go away and take a little break”. Alas! It turned out to be more work than I anticipated. The family has just acquired a ‘small’ piece of land which we are trying to develop. Right now it is nothing more than a forest (with animals in it too). The idea is to turn it into a smallholding. Half of my time was spent there.

I also spent some time visiting family and friends. My grandmother seems to be getting younger!

Even when I am on holiday, I try not to miss church services (Heb. 10:25). I was given the opportunity to preach at three of the four congregations I visited. It was a wonderful experience. To the Churches of Christ at Airport, Fallsview, Highland and Kamadobe, thank you so much for your hospitality. Keep up the good work. Your work in the Lord is not in vain (II Cor. 10:57).

Well, after all the hard work I had to take some real time off. There could be only one destination – the Victoria Falls. Such a lovely place. David Livingstone couldn’t have put it any better when he said “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.”

While at the Vic Falls I met Kim Novotny who was on holiday from Utah, USA. She did such a fantastic job of being my photographer. She also visited a couple of charities while in Zambia.

Isaac with Kim

with Kim

Naturally, I made some observations about business operations in Livingstone. The customer care at Spar Livingstone was great. I had to keep going there. MTN impressed me as well. I called customer care to complain about something and they were very prompt at dealing with it.

Barclays might need another branch soon. For now I think they are managing just fine.

I was also surprised that shops in Livingstone still close in order to go for lunch. You would think there is a way of making the workers have lunch without closing the shop for two hours. Well, what do I know?

But the ice cream at Wonderbake tastes just as good. I had to do a couple of them with my little man.

To my disappointment the projects that started prior to the UNWTO seem to have ground to a halt. We hope they don’t become white elephants.

All in all I enjoyed every minute of my stay in Livingstone. Actually, I can’t wait for my next one.

Thank you Livingstone for your hospitality. Home sweet home! Now, let’s get back to work. We have bills to pay after all.

Note: Since coming back from my trip I have made two posts on this blog. Make time to read them (if you have not).

Isaac at the Victoria Falls


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