3 Questions You Can’t Afford to Ignore Today


1. What is your goal?

Does your life have a direction or are you just drifting along? Are you simply moving with the flow of the wind? You cannot achieve a goal that you do not have.

2. At the rate you are moving now will you be able to achieve your goal?

Assuming that you have a goal, are you doing the things that are necessary in order for you to achieve it? Are you simply hoping for luck to come your way? With the things you are doing now do you think you will be able to achieve your goal? It is not what you wish for-it is what you do that counts.

3. If the things you are doing are not helping you to achieve your goal what changes do you need to make now?

Remember you are not a tree: you can change your life whenever you want to. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you will keep getting what you’ve always got.

It is important that you have the answers to these questions. You can’t afford to ignore them.

Isaac C. Mwiya
Author | Motivational Speaker | Trainer

About Isaac C. Mwiya

Isaac C. Mwiya is an author, motivational speaker and trainer. He believes that each and every person was put on this earth for a purpose. His goal is to help both the old and the young to find their purpose in life and express it fully everyday. He wishes for every person to realize their true potential and become all that they were meant to. To bring Isaac to your next event call +260 978 638 389. You can also connect with him on and follow him on Twitter

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