The 7 Dream Killers Part 7: LACK of ACTION

There are people who attend all the seminars and read all the books. They have all the information. But there is one problem. They don’t apply what they know in their life. It all ends in theory.

See, you can have all the information in the world but it won’t help you unless you start applying it to your life. Knowing is good. Doing is better. Men of knowledge abound. It is the men who are willing to put into practice what they know that the world needs. Things don’t just happen. They are made to happen. Begin taking action in the direction of your dreams. It is the only way you can turn them into reality. Even a tortoise will arrive at its destination if it is moving. Don’t just sit there. Get moving. Start doing. Take action.

Isaac C. Mwiya

Author | Motivational Speaker | Trainer

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About Isaac C. Mwiya

Isaac C. Mwiya is an author, motivational speaker and trainer. He believes that each and every person was put on this earth for a purpose. His goal is to help both the old and the young to find their purpose in life and express it fully everyday. He wishes for every person to realize their true potential and become all that they were meant to. To bring Isaac to your next event call +260 978 638 389. You can also connect with him on and follow him on Twitter

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