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7 Lies We Tell Ourselves Everyday…that Keep Us from a Life of Success!

1. I don’t have the time

That is classic! We tell ourselves we don’t have time to read a book, to exercise, to be with family or go for Bible Study. It is a lie! We have the time to do the things we really want to do, like going to see a football match or going for a kitchen party or spending the entire weekend ‘catching up’ with friends. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time in order to comfort ourselves for not doing the things we really should be doing.

2. I am not good enough

If you open your eyes, and look honestly, you will find a lot of  people right now who are not as good as you and yet are living their dreams. Take that excuse off your list. Chances are you think your boss is a complete idiot! That should prove the point, well, sort of.

3. One time won’t hurt

Well, it does. Why? How? One time becomes two times, three times, four times… One thing leads to another. Soon enough, as they say,  the rest becomes history. The road to self-destruction starts with one drink, one night-out, one error in judgement. One time will bite you, literally!

4. At least I am not starving

You are not starving? No? But you can do a lot better than that. And you know in your heart that it is true. We are not here just to scrap through or to make our way in the universe crawling around. We have the seeds of greatness within us, each one of us. Everyone.

5. Money can’t buy happiness

No. But it pays the bills. And it’s very hard to be happy when you have bills piling up all the way to your neck. Get up. Go make some money.

6. You only live once

It is true. Trouble is, we use that statement to justify why we do all the things we shouldn’t be doing in the first place. We live once and that is enough–if we live right.

7. Now is not the perfect time

Ivan Turgenev says that , “If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, we shall never begin.” Never!

Bonus! Okay, I know I said 7 but here is a bonus point just for you.

8. I don’t feel like it

What would happen if you had a maid who only shows up for work when she feels like? If she doesn’t feel like coming she can stay away! We have to move beyond feelings and emotions and operate in a Commitment Spectrum. #icm_motivation #wekeepgoing

Isaac C. Mwiya
Writer | Motivational Speaker | Trainer
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Let it go


We’ve all been disappointed before. We’ve all been dealt with unfairly at some point. We’ve had people make promises to us and not keep them. We’ve had people break our hearts. We’ve had failed projects. We’ve had embarrassing moments.

But a time must come in each one of us’s lives that we must choose to leave it all behind and move on to a better future. Why? Because we cannot move into a better future with all that luggage and baggage.

Creating a beautiful future takes a lot of positive energy. Un-forgiveness, hurt and grudges take that energy away from us. Whatever may have happened to you in the past let it go and move so you can grow. #icm_motivation #wekeepgoing

Isaac C. Mwiya
Writer | Motivational Speaker | Trainer
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What is Your Why Factor?


You need to have a reason for doing what you do and for wanting what you want. The stronger the reason the better the chances that you will get it. There is told a story of a commander who led an army of tired soldiers. On their move they came to a place which had a high and wide wall. They either had to climb over it or go around it. It looked impossible. The soldiers had been walking a long time. They were tired and hungry and thirsty.

The commander knew that his men would not be able to overcome this obstacle. He had to come up with a plan–fast. He needed to give his troops some motivation. And he did. He got their food and water and tossed them over the fence. He told his men that they could either stay there and die or find a way to get over the obstacle and be safe and have some food and some water. Somehow, they came up with a strategy that allowed them to get to the other side. They knew that their food and water was on the side and they had to make their way there. That is the motivation they needed. The Why Factor.

You see the Why Factor at play in many everyday life situations. Here is a man who has been drinking and smoking for 15 years and has convinced himself that he cannot stop. He tries to but he quicky goes back to his ways. Then he gets diagnosed with a deadly disease and the doctor tells him that if he does not stop drinking and smoking he will die in 3 months. Almost immediately, the man stops drinking and smoking. What changed? The Why Factor. He now has a strong enough reason for quitting his bad habits.

Les Brown, one of my mentors and the best motivational speaker in the world, says he worked hard because he wanted to make his adoptive mother proud; he wanted to buy her a home and he wanted a better life for his children. Because of this he pushed himself to the limit and achieved his goal.

What is your Why Factor? What is the reason for doing what you do and for wanting what you want? Is it strong enough? If the Why Factor is not present or is very weak it will very hard for you to achieve the goals you set yourself. When life hits you hard and knocks down you will give up immediately! But, if your Why Factor is strong enough you will keep coming back again and again. #icm_motivation #wekeepgoing

Isaac C. Mwiya
Writer | Motivational Speaker | Trainer
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The 7 Dream Killers Part 7: LACK of ACTION

There are people who attend all the seminars and read all the books. They have all the information. But there is one problem. They don’t apply what they know in their life. It all ends in theory.

See, you can have all the information in the world but it won’t help you unless you start applying it to your life. Knowing is good. Doing is better. Men of knowledge abound. It is the men who are willing to put into practice what they know that the world needs. Things don’t just happen. They are made to happen. Begin taking action in the direction of your dreams. It is the only way you can turn them into reality. Even a tortoise will arrive at its destination if it is moving. Don’t just sit there. Get moving. Start doing. Take action.

Isaac C. Mwiya

Author | Motivational Speaker | Trainer

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The 7 Dream Killers Part 6: SELF DOUBT

Many people doubt themselves. They don’t feel worthy of their dreams. “Who am I to do this, to make this contribution, to live this life?” They have convinced themselves that a life of meaning and contribution is only possible for others and not for them. They look at their backdround and at their current situation and begin to wonder if they can turn their dreams into reality. “Is it possible that a person like me, a person with this kind of background can achieve this?” They belittle themselves. They doubt their God-given gifts. As a result they don’t even dare to try!

Frank Lloyd Wright once said that, “the thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” Without faith it is impossible to to turn your dream into reality. You need to have faith: faith in yourself, faith in your dream and faith in God. Stop doubting yourself and begin seeing yourself the way God sees you: as someone special who was put here for a special reason. You are well able to make a meaningful contribution to the universe. You are a child of God. Believe.

Isaac C. Mwiya

Author | Motivational Speaker | Trainer

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