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The 7 Dream Killers Part 6: SELF DOUBT

Many people doubt themselves. They don’t feel worthy of their dreams. “Who am I to do this, to make this contribution, to live this life?” They have convinced themselves that a life of meaning and contribution is only possible for others and not for them. They look at their backdround and at their current situation and begin to wonder if they can turn their dreams into reality. “Is it possible that a person like me, a person with this kind of background can achieve this?” They belittle themselves. They doubt their God-given gifts. As a result they don’t even dare to try!

Frank Lloyd Wright once said that, “the thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” Without faith it is impossible to to turn your dream into reality. You need to have faith: faith in yourself, faith in your dream and faith in God. Stop doubting yourself and begin seeing yourself the way God sees you: as someone special who was put here for a special reason. You are well able to make a meaningful contribution to the universe. You are a child of God. Believe.

Isaac C. Mwiya

Author | Motivational Speaker | Trainer

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