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Junior President: a Lesson on Bouncing Back


Perrykent Nkole

After watching the grand finale of Junior President on Sunday 4th October, 2015 I remembered one post I had shared with my WhatsApp group and on my Facebook wall on 8th September, 2015. Here it is.

Junior President is a TV show that has young people playing the role of republican president. They are given assignments that they have to execute as presidents. Some of their assignments involve group work where others are individually done.

During one of the group assignments a contestant named Perrykent Nkole was group leader. At the end of the assignment he had to make a speech on behalf of his team. As someone who has been in the public speaking arena for 12 years I can tell you that his delivery was pathetic! The young man could not just cut it. It could easily qualify as the worst performance of the entire show.

BUT the young man survived and was able to bounce back. The last time I checked he was the only man remaining on the show. The other two were ladies. Even after such a disaster of a speech he went on to do so well on subsequent assignments. The way I see it he could just be the one to scoop the prize.

See, it does not matter how much you have messed up in the past. You can still pick yourself up and go again. Don’t let mistakes of the past hinder you from moving into the future. Use them as learning points so that you can be better and do better. Don’t write yourself off. You can always bounce back-if you wish.

Perrykent Nkole was announced winner of Junior President on Sunday. Congratulations are in order.

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