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Applying the Universal Laws of Nature to Everyday Life

Universal laws of nature are ‘guiding principles’ that help us understand and predict the patterns of life and nature.The law of gravity helps us to predict what will happen to a stone when it’s thrown up; it will come down.It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the universal law or not.

Apart from the law of gravity, there are other universal laws of nature.While these laws are scientific in nature they are presented here in line with everyday life. Please note that this list is by no means complete.

  1. The Law of Attraction
  2. You attract people, things and situations that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts and beliefs.It’s easy to understand why people who believe that they can never get a job are unemployed in the first place.

    Whatever you believe, with conviction, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.It is better to be unrealistically optimistic than to be realistically pessimistic.Be careful what you believe,be careful what you wish for; you might just get it.

  3. The Law of Cause and Effect

    To every effect there is a specific cause. You are where you are today because of the decisions you made(or others made for you) in the past.The decisions you are making now will determine where you will be in the near and distant future.

    The best way to predict the future is to create it-NOW!

    The best way to think of the Law of Cause and Effect is by saying that every risk has its reward and every choice has it’s consequences.

  4. The Law of Polarity
  5. Everything in nature and life has an opposite.It is up to you to choose what to focus on.You can count your blessings or you can find something to complain about.Whatever you focus on begins to magnify in your life.Remember,you don’t need more to be thankful, you only need to be more thankful.

  6. The Law of Probability
  7. The higher the frequency the higher the probabilty.Let’s get mathematical,shall we?If you have 10 balls in a jar; 6 blue balls, 3 white balls and 1 red ball it follows that:

    -the probability of randomly picking a blue ball is 6/10 or 60%
    -that of picking a white ball is 3/10 or 30% and
    -that of picking a red ball is 1/10 or 10%

    What is the point,you ask.The more you avail yourself, the better your chance of getting whatever it is you want.The ‘lucky people’ are those who are out there-looking.No one has ever stumbled on anything sitting down.

    Remember, probability=frequency.The higher the frequency the higher the probability.

  8. The Law of Growth
  9. Nothing in nature is static.Growth is natural.Unfortunately,there is growth in reverse order.The question is not whether you are growing or not; it is whether you are growing up or growing down.

  10. The Law of Giving ( and receiving)
  11. The universe operates on the principle of giving and receiving.The Dead Sea does not understand this principle-that is why it is dead!

    You are a stream through which blessings must flow to others.The moment you try to hoard the blessing you are creating a dead sea.Just imagine what would happen if trees woke up one morning and decided not to give us Oxygen!

  12. The Law of Gestation/Manifestation
  13. It takes nine months for a baby to be born, three years for a fruit-tree to start producing and seven years of training to produce a doctor.I hope you get the point.

    The result of your ‘labor’ does not have to show now.Some of your dreams need months, if not years, of consistent action in order for them to be achieved.You must always resist the temptation to rush the process.

    The laws of nature will not change to suit your situation.You have to align yourself with them.