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5 Lessons from a Pencil

Everything in life is a teacher. Some time back I received a text message from a friend of mine. The message was talking about the life of a pencil and the lessons that it learns from its maker. These are lessons that we can pick and apply in our daily living. They should be able to enhance the quality of our lives.

Life Lessons

1. Everything you do will leave a mark.

Never ever forget this; no matter how little the thing you do it will always leave a mark on someone. What are the marks you are leaving on people’s hearts by the things you do?

2. The mistake you make can always be corrected.

Sadly, our life is not like that of a pencil. You cannot pick up spilled water. Neither can you unbreak a glass. But you can always pick yourself up after a fall. The greatest mistake is to keep repeating a mistake.

3. What is inside you is what matters most

The outer casing of a pencil does not matter as much as its ‘heart’. The quality of its writing is determined by what is inside. Similarly, your inner qualities outweigh your outward appearance. Let your authenticity be inside-out, not the other way round.

4. From time to time you will undergo painful sharpening to refine you.

In order for a pencil to continue writing beautifully it must be sharpened every now and then. Sometimes life will throw you in the furnace in order to transform you into the person you are meant to be. Nothing makes finer gold than fire.

5. You must allow yourself to be guided by the hand that holds you

A pencil is for writing, but it cannot write on its own. In order to do its job the pencil must allow itself to be guided. Likewise, a human being cannot fulfill his purpose on earth unless he allows himself to be held and guided by the master artisan-God.