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The Dream Killers Part 5: LACK of PERSEVERANCE

Quitting too soon. Some people are very good at starting things. They just don’t seem to know how to keep on keeping on when the ride gets bumpy. As soon as they face challenges they abandon their dream and go in search of a new one. Perseverance, in the face of challenges, is key to the realization of any dream.

Nothing comes easy. You will go through rough and dark patches sometimes. But if you hold on and persevere the sun will rise eventually. Don’t lose heart. Keep on keeping on. Develop in you the spirit of perseverance-to be able to hang in there even when all the lights have been turned off, even when you can’t see the silver lining. Winners are people who refused to quit. Hang in there. If you get used to quitting you will always be quitting!

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