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In January I joined the #IAmAZedBlogger Project. It’s a group of Zambian bloggers started by Martha.

In Martha’s words, “#IAmAZedBlogger is a group for Zambian bloggers, no matter what the subject matter of your blog is, you just have to be Zambian…On the 1st of every month I’ll send you a theme to blog about and from there you are free to blog about whatever you want related to that theme! The only thing is that it is not compulsory, you don’t have to participate every week, just participate when you feel ready!”

The blogging theme for January was to write about the #IamAZedBlogger Project. The technology was failing me then. Well, now it’s done! But then there is the February and March challenge for me to do. In Martha’s words again, I have to get my whip cracking. But then again she says” just participate when you feel ready”. Let me dash off!

For now check out these fantastic Zed blogs.